Who is iNNOVGoals?

iNNOVGoals = Innovation for the Global Goals
The "i" also represents "I“ as an individual to be

a starting point for change.

Founded in Hong Kong, we offer educational training and consulting to businesses, schools and community organizations about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through various stimulation games and experiential trainings, participants can enhance knowledge about sustainability and how they can develop actions in their communities. Various trade experts and industry professionals partner with us to deliver trainings and to create education programmes.

iNNOVGoals is an Authorized Facilitator of the 2030 SDGs Game.

We have English-speaking and Chinese-speaking Facilitators.

Our Team


Carol Yeung

Founder and Managing Director

2030 SDGs Game Certified Facilitator

Aubree Wai

Education and Training Lead

2030 SDGs Game Certified Facilitator